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Double square antenna for DVB-T2, 3G, Wi-Fi

This antenna represents 2 squares - the director and the driven element which is a folded dipole, which are located in one guide.

The power guide of the two-element loop antenna is 10-13 Db. Most likely, you will be able to recieve the signal of digital TV DVB-T2 at the distance of 8- 15 km from the TV center.

The active recieving parts of every loop are their up and bottom horisontal parts. So, the two-element loop antenna contains four elements and it is equivalent to a two-storied cophased antenna array, which is gathered from two-element Yagi antennas.


Write the channel's number of the first multiplex (21-69, if none of them - 0):

Write the channel's number of the second multiplex (21-69, if none of them - 0):

If you do not know the channel's number you can write the frequency (Mhz):

Антенна для DVB-T2 Двойной квадрат

For making such an antenna copper wire or a tube with the diameter 2-5 mm are usually used. It is common to fasten the construction to the dielectric pole located close to the cable (look at the picture)



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